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    compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee

    compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee
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    compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee


    compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee

    Shean has manufactured compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee and developed national I series and national II series

    (same with DVGW and JIS standards) Pipes, M Profile and Press Fittings V Profile,

     including varieties of thin-walled metallic pipeline joints.

    We have taken out many national invention patents on the bulging joint compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee stainless steel pipelines,

    better than Tectite system. We can manufacture over 8000 tons of thin-walled compression fittings how to install for fit press s.s tee,

    stainless steel fittings and carbon steel fittings per year and 10000 tons of stainless steel coils.

    Our Foreign Buisness manager Mrs Lemon Liu just finished her trip to Mexico and back to China On Sep 13,2016 During the Exhibition ,our manager touched many many customers who is interested in our stainless steel Press fittings, stainless steel 150LB pipe fittings and ball valves. Month end, we are keeping contact with those North America customers ,hope that we can start a pleasure cooperation in near future !


    Characteristics :

    Inox sanitary pipe press fit shower fittings tee

    1. Material availability : stainless steel 304L/316L
    2. Size : 15-54mm,  pipe wall thickness: 0.8–2.0mm
    3. Fitting standard : DIN/JIS (GB/T 19228.1-2003, DVGW W534-1995 and JWWA G116:2001)
    4. O-Ring Seal material : EPDM (black), HNBR, NBR

    (Sealing ring standard: GBT 19228.3-2003, EN681-1:1998)

    O-ring insert in the fitting ends of the pipe guarantee an anti-leak connection

    1. Anneal : all stainless steel pipe fittings are annealed
    2. by insertion of inert gases before to be packing.
    3. Stainless steel press fitting is the best connection for thin wall stainless steel pipe,
    4. PE(X)-Al-PE(X) multiplayer pipe and SS-PE composite pipe.
    5. Max working pressure 1.6MPa (equal to 232 psi),
    6. water pressure tested at 2.5MPa (equal to 362.5psi).
    7. Working temperature from -20 to 110 degree centigrade
    8. with the chlorinated butyl rubber O ring (EPDM)


    Application areas : Drinking water supply, water supply and drainage, Heating and cooling water system, heating supply,

    fire protection (spliner systems), automobile industry and industrial petroleum pipeline system medicinal and different gas systems, etc.

    press fitting shower

    Press fit fittings connect line

    Sizes range:

    stainless steel press fittings tee

    The norminal diameters are: DN12,15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80 and DN100,

    including GB 1 and GB 2.

    GB 1 series is same size as DVGW W534:1995,

    out diameters are: 15,18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

    GB 2 series is same size as JIS G 3448-1997,

    out diameters are: 12.7, 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.00, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

    Special order are also available if fesability is confirm

    Advantages of our products :

    Low cost of labor

    Security of hygiene

    Reliability of the joints

    High tensile strength

    Low flow resistance


    Resistance to corrosion

    Easy and quick way of laying

    Compatible of press fitting system

    Hydro thermo sanitary applications

    Press fitting system made by best material

    Shean long-term experience in stainless pipeline industry

    Complementary  Informations :

     Inox sanitary plumbling toilet Press connect fittings tee

    The Shean pressfitting system is very easy and quick to install and only uses stainless steel AISI304L, 316L,EN.

    The fittings used in Shean  pressfitting system have a toroidal chamber at their own ends inside which there’s a EPDM gasket. This has a very strong resistance against aging.

    Moreover it present the advantages of an easy and fast installation with simple press tools which provide a significant save of time what helps to improve the productivity and benefits.

    Installation information :

    Push fit gas connectors

    1. Press fitting connections are made with a proper pressure tool by a mechanical deformation of the stainless steel pressure sleeve.
    2. Before being pressed the pressure sleeve is tightly fixed to the plastic stop, simplifying the installation and protecting the fittings and seal rings from damages during transport and handling.
    3. Three holes on the stainless steel pressure sleeve, permits to check the contact between the pipe and the fitting end.
    4. The two seal rings on the insert secure the tightness between the insert and the inner pipe wall. Material E.P.D.M. Instead of black rubber prolong the connection durability.
    5. High quality brass rod as material, cold cut and hot forge processing, compact structure without defect.

    Our products are widely used in middle or large scale construction projects, such as drinking water, cold and hot water, tap water, and gas-supply systems in  the National Stadium(Nest for Beijing Olympic Games) and Crown of East(Shanghai Expo), and the Asian Games Village, etc. Our sales network spreads all over the hub cities at home and also can be found abroad, promising a wonderful foreground.

    We stick to all-embracing service and the best quality and strive for creating higher quality and environmentally friendly tubes, keeping improving and innovating. We will make great efforts to set up an international metallic pipeline brand.

    We warmly welcome every customer at home and abroad to our factory to do win-win beneficiary business and achieve our mutually benefit.

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