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    Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation


    Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation

    Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation


    the viega profi-press pipe fittings,Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation,

    and provide professional OEM processing, the company adopts precision casting process SUS304,

    SUS316 material of all kinds of stainless steel pipe fittings,

    Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation, thin-walled stainless steel pipe,

    groove pipe fittings, grooved clamp,

    conformity of tools, stainless steel fittings, elbow, flange, tee, viega profi-press joint, elbow, flange, tee, etc.

    Various kinds of pipe fittings.Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation:

    the operation is simple, fast, low cost of installation.

    Viega profi-press connection construction quality is reliable.Viega profi-press stainless steel pipe service life is long.

    Viega profi-press connection construction site clean and civilized, safe.

    Viega profi-press pipe connection operation workers labor intensity is small.

    Viega profi-press stainless steel pipe fittings characteristics:
    1, reliable connection security viega profi-press pipe connection strength is high, resistant to vibration.Will connect parts of disposable do “death”,

    to avoid the possibility of a loose “union”.

    Propress tee 304 stainless steel supplier
    2, construction is convenient and quick viega profi-press stainless steel pipe installation is very convenient,

    the installation time only for wire welding pipe fittings or set of fittings,

    a third time, shortening the time limit for a project to reduce the cost, avoid the leakage, to reduce the risk.

    M profile
    3, the viega profi-press pipe fittings, suitable embedded installation meet the requirements of the embedded installation,

    greatly reduce the hidden possibility environment leaky plumbing,

    reduce the risk of the maintenance and update, can meet the national CECS153-2003 “regulations of technology

    of architectural feedwater thin-walled stainless steel pipeline engineering” (threaded pipe fittings can’t be embedded installation).

    Pipe joint is compact,

    won’t cause fundamental to building the wall damage.

    stainless steel press fittings tee
    4, free maintenance, free updates, superior economic performance in the use of the building period,

    almost don’t need to update and maintain, pipe fittings of saving the cost of the environment update,

    customer property damage and loss of service tends to zero.

    Press fit fittings connector
    5, 304 material, material strength, excellent “three anniversary” thin-walled stainless steel pipe tensile

    strength greater than 530 (n/was) 2 to 10 times more than general water pipe materials.Lack of strength of materials

    is often generally affected by external force of the main causes of leaking pipes.

    steam and heating water pipe system


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