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    Industry news

    • Metal material prices are keeping increase


      Metal products Prices are unstable in China due to environment management. Government starts serious and strict actions to each related enterprise. More>>

    • One silk one road takes new opportunities to stainless steel pipe fittings


      One belt one road will drive jointed countries ’s infrastructure,as the most important export area of stainless steel pipe fittings,valve,pipe nipples, Cang zhou will be the great member to provide strong Press fit fittings supply and output to support related countries ’s element construction. More>>

    • Building materials industry development prospects


      China is already the world's largest producer and consumer in building materials. Main building materials products are cement, plate glass More>>

    • Tidy home decoration – the profi-press fittings of installation


      Viega profi-press connection construction site clean and civilized, safe.Viega profi-press pipe connection operation workers labor intensity is small More>>

    • Why choose stainless steel fittings


      Health Stainless steel material can embedded to body, it is heathy material. Stainless steel inner is smooth, it is not easy to breed bacteria. Stainless steel press fit fittings are made by such good material. 2. High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance. Stainless steel pipes have high strength, It is 3 doubles higher than copper and 8-10 doubles higher than PPR. 30 Meters high flow out impact is bearable. Can be long time and safety working under temperature of -270℃-400℃,there is no any hazardous substance.it is stabilize. Stainless steel anti strength is more than 530 N/mm has good ductility and toughness. More>>

    • Push fit stainless steel press fittings pipe gas connectors


      Press fit fittings named as push fit connectors also. Connectors of press fittings are widely used in Direct drinking water system, Water system, Medicine system, Heating system, steam pipe system, Gas system, Industrial pipeline system and industrial tracheal system. Now, such kinds of press pipe fittings are widely used in industrial projects, like projects in hospitals, in hotel, in office building, in living houses, in university, electrical engineering, biotechnology, kidsgarden, airport etc for gas transmit purpose ,bath purpose or drink water purpose. More>>


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