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    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple

    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple
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    Products Description

    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple 

    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple

    Threaded pipe threads with tapered pipe threads and cylindrical pipe threads.The thread used in the field is the taper pipe thread,

    the thread of some pipe fittings is the pipe joint of the tooth and the internal thread of the general valve is the cylindrical pipe thread. 

    The processing of pipe thread is also known as the sleeve wire, which has two methods: manual and mechanical sleeve.

    Manually set wire pipe ground plate set out the thread, when using, should select the corresponding size of the pipe die,

    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple

    should be in the process of set of silk thread to add oil lubrication, keep the thread and die for lubrication and cooling,

    guarantee the thread surface roughness and prevent rotten teeth.In order to operate the labor-saving and prevent the excessive wear of the die,

    generally the time of processing DN25mm is 1 ~ 2 times, the above should be 2 ~ 3 times.

    Machine – armed silk is used in the general use of silk machine, sometimes used lathe to make threads.

    When using a set of silk machine, should pay attention to the speed of the silk machine, should work at the low speed,

    the cutting fluid of the thread should be carried out 2 ~ 3 times, cut not once, to avoid damaged the die or produce rotten teeth.

    Pipe thread connection should be left 2 ~ 3 teeth.

    ERW welding pipe fitting pipe barrel nipple

    Name: male thread long nipple
    Material: SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, (SS201 SS304 SS316)
    Connection type: Male
    Thread: NPT BSPT BSP
    Size: 1/4 to 4 inches
    Medium: Water, oil and gas
    Pressure: 150LB
    With non-standard fittings
    Customized logos are accepted
    Exported to more than 10 countries in America and Asia
    OEM 150lb stainless steel 304 pipe fittings long barrel nipple
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