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    female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee

    female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee
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    Products Description

    female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee

    Press female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee pipe fittings: this product s are widely used in

    drinking water piping system,also applies to: gas, HVAC, refrigeration, food, pharmaceutical and other pipe system


    (1) All product go through the strict inspection for the raw material

    and size to ensure that each product can meet the sanitation requirements

    (2) Theo-ring seal imported from Italian via Germany DVGW

    (German gas and water supply industry technology and science association) certification

    as the healthy o-ring to ensure the safe drinking water
    (3) The installed tools imported from German which can ensure the safe installation

    and no leakage.

    Features of  female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee

    Healthy and environment friendly
     female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee
    Stainless steel pipe meets the requirement of the potable and tap water pipe system.

    Water would not risk pollution in the transportation.
    Saving the water resource female thread ss pipe push fit fittings tee
    The strength of stainless steel pipe is greater than other water pipe material,

    which reduces the possibility of water waste and saves the water resource.


    Decreasing the transportation cost
    With the excellent anti corrosion advantages, the inner wall of the pipe keeps smooth

    as before without extra pipe scale, which decreases the cost of the transportation.
    Reducing the heat loss
    The heat protection of the stainless steel is 24 times higher than the copper material,

    which reduces the loss of heat in the transportation.
    Avoiding the pollution of sanitary appliance
    With the stainless steel pipe system, the sanitary appliance cannot be polluted by the rust and patina.

    Recycling for utilization
    The stainless steel products can be completely recycled, which will not produce any rubbish.
    Features of press fitting
    Be reliable and safe for connection
    Connecting the pipe with press fitting, the pipeline has high-strength. There is less possibility of looseness

    for the coupling in the situation of house quake, earthquake, pipeline resonance and hammer vibration.
    Be convenient and quick for operation
    Without welding and thread rolling, the cost and risk are reduced a lot for press fitting,

    besides the installation time of press fitting is 1/3 as short as others.
    Be suitable for insert installation
    With the insert installation, the possibility of the water leakage is reduced greatly,

    which lessen the risk of repair and renewal.

    Free of maintenance and renewal
    During the working lifespan, there is hardly any maintenance for the pipeline,

    which reduces the cost of products and service

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