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    Pipe fittings elbow 3 inch 316


    Pipe fittings elbow 3 inch 316


    Pipe fittings elbow 3 inch 316

    is one size from Shean supply scope .

    elbow 316 304 150LB stainless steel

    Pipe fittings elbow has 90 degree and 40 degree via investment casting making elbow.

    NPT,BSP,BSPT,DIN threaded are available,size from 1/8” to 4”,

    mostly used in cold,hot water,pure water or wasted water lines.You can see any where in home,hospital,chemical laboratory etc.

    Investment casting elbows are used In developed countries,because this material is expensive compare with iron,

    steel or malleable materials,but stainless steel has good anti corrosion features,long using life.

    150LB stainless steel threaded Tee

    Pipe fittings elbow has 90 degree,45 degree and 30 degree via pipe made butt welded elbow type.

    ASTM,DIN,GOST standard are available.Size from 12”-24”.

    Thickness: SCH10,STD,SCH40,SCH60,SCH80,SCH160,XS,XXS.

    Threaded pipe nipples

    Such stainless steel butt welded elbows are widely used in petroleum,gas and oil area or food grade liquid transmit,mild plant etc.

    Pipe fittings elbow has Long and short type of press fit pipe fittings.

    Press fit fittings elbow made by seamless pipe also.

    It is the fastest way to connect pipeline without troubles and future worries.

    Size from 1/2”-4”,material is 304,3016,304L,316L.

    Pipe fittings elbow press fit pipe fittings mostly suitable for hot/cooling waters,

    plumbing system,gas,hospital,laboratory,drainage pipelines.

    150LB BSP Threaded fittings reducing hex nipple


    Shean supply both pipe fittings elbows in investment casting,butt welded casting and press fit methods.


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