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    Pipe press cap fitting

    Pipe press cap fitting
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    Products Description

    Pipe press cap fitting  is series of plumbing fittings which is widely used in plumbing ,pure water, hospital and fuel gas.

    Used to connect pipes.Caps used to plug one side to stop liquid flow.Cap connects with pipe

    Application field Application system
    upholstery heating system
    steel industry cold and hot water system
    civil water supply potable water system
    industry gas-fired system
    pharmaceutical industry air-conditioning system
    municipal construction water supply system
    petrochemical industry air compressor system
    food & beverage industry fuel system
    power industry lube oil industry
    electronics industry all kinds of gas pipeline
    automotive industry process pipe-system for different medium
    other field other pipeline system


    installation line


    fitting rolling



    Pipe press cap fitting of quality:

    (1) all raw material and product size of our products need to go through strict inspection

    to ensure that each product can meet the sanitation requirements.

    (2) the raw material of o-ring seals is imported from abroad via British wras (water regulations advisory scheme) certification

    as the healthy o-ring to ensure the safe drinking water.

    (3) the installation tools are imported from German

    which can ensure the safe installation and no leakage.

    Features of Pipe press cap fitting

    yorkshire stainless steel fittings press caps

    1.Green health environmental protection
    Stainless steel meets the requirements of the hygienic

    standard of direct drinking water and it is 100 percent recyclable.

    stainless steel pipe australia press fittings fit caps

    2.Be reliable and safe for connection
    Cartridge connection (connecting the pipe with press fittings) with high strength

    and shock resistance can fix the joint dead at once to avoid loosening.

    3.Be convenient and quick for operation
    Pipes and press fittings are connected by appropriative hydraulic tools which can avoid onsite welding,

    thread rolling and slot rolling as well as save time, labor and reduce unnecessary cost.

    4.Saving the water resource
    The strength of stainless steel pipe is greater than other water pipe material,

    which reduces the possibility of water waste and saves the water resource.

    5.High health environmental performance
    All the pipes and fittings are made of ss304 or ss316 and o-ring seals are made of EPDM,

    or ciir, or FKM, or NBR, which have the advantages of great environmental friendliness and long working life.

    stainless steel pipe australia press fittings fit caps

    6.Reducing flow and pressure loss
    The ID (internal diameter) of press fittings is the same with the ID of pipe

    and the compressed site has little deformation, which reduce the flow and pressure loss.

    7.Be suitable for insert installation and showing installation
    Press fittings with fine appearance can be used for showing installation to improve the decorative effect.

    And for the insert installation, the possibility of the water leakage is reduced greatly, which lessen the risk of repair and renewal.

    yorkshire stainless steel fittings press caps

    8.Free of maintenance and renewal
    During 50 years to 70 years working life and high reliability design, there is hardly need to renew and maintain, which reduces the costs of products and service.

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