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    Why choose stainless steel fittings


    Why choose stainless steel fittings 


    Stainless steel material can embedded to body, it is heathy material. Stainless steel inner is smooth, it is not easy to breed bacteria. Stainless steel press fit fittings are made by such good material.

    2. High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance.

    Stainless steel pipes have high strength, It is 3 doubles higher than copper and 8-10 doubles higher than PPR. 30 Meters high flow out impact is bearable. Can be long time and safety working under temperature of -270℃-400℃,there is no any hazardous substance.it is stabilize. Stainless steel anti strength is more than 530 N/mm has good ductility and toughness.

    1. Anti corrosion

    Compact oxidation film on surface to stainless steel makes stainless steel pipe has good anti corrosion character. Real test result shows stainless steel pipe uses life can reach to 100 years.

    1. Energy saving and environmental protection

    Stainless steel has low heating conduction, good thermal insulation properties, it is 4 doubles than iron and 25 doubles than copper. Can reduce energy loss in heating pipelines. Stainless steel is 100% recycle material, no public hazard to environment.

    1. Wide using scope

    Stainless steel pipes can be widely used in cooling water, hot water ,drink water, air, gas, medical gas, petroleum, chemical industry, water treatment systems.

    1. Economic

    From 20th century, stainless steel has been a normal material. Even though price is higher than other materials, but due to good anti corrosion, good temperature keeping, good strength and press resistance, temperature resistance, using life is as long as constructions. One time paying, but long life using.


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