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    Press fit pipework system


    Press fit pipework system

    Press fit pipework system is new developed pipeline connect method,engineered 50 years ago

    and used more than 20 years in Australia and fast developed these years across the whole world in pipeline industries.

    Due to many many advantage features,makes the press fit pipework system quick and widely use and publish.

    Press fittings are widely uses in cold and hot water supply, heating supply,

    fire protection, medicinal, gas, industrial petroleum pipeline system etc

    Propress tee 304 stainless steel supplier

    Features :

    1. No open
    By connecting of press fit fittings,the pipeline has high strength,

    make the connect point “SOLID” at beginning and one time.

    It does not like threaded pipe fittings,via shocking,threads turns to loose.

    There is less chances of loosen of couplings in some accident,i.e.

    Earthquake,house quake,pipeline resonance and hammer vibration.

    No gas leakage or smoke or fire smoke.

    90 45 elbow tap stainless steel fittings press fit type

    2. Quick install work
    Install by a special small tooling,without welding and threaded,

    cost and risk are reduced,installation time reduced half,just speed us efficiency.
    Compare to threaded 150LB pipe fittings, such fittings should screw turn by turn to be solid fixed,

    then check if any leakage, if any,shall replace or use Nylon webbing to wrap to test again,

    until fine enough. compare to butt welded pipe fittings,

    such fittings should welding between fittings by welding machine along with welding rods,

    should take lots of time welding from fitting and pipe’s bevel end bottom

    small angle to upper bigger bevel angle to ensure the welding work strong.

    Press Fitting Stainless Steel 304 Round Cap Pipe Fitting

    3. Best connect way
    Press fit fitting will insert to straight pipes and press by tool hardly in one time,

    with O rings inside of fitting,this connect way reduced water or gas leakage,

    reduced risk of repair and renewal under shade underground environment.

    Inox sanitary plumbling toilet Press connect fittings elbow

    4.Free of maintenance and renewal
    Press fittings has 30 years using life,one time install,long time free of human repair.

    Greatly reduced cost of products and service fees.

    Press fit pipeline system,an alternative connect method to traditional thread or butt weld.

    Give human one more choice for living,industry,plumbing ( pure water,food line transmitting,public facility building etc).

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