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    Stainless steel camlock quick coupling

    Stainless steel camlock quick coupling
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    Stainless steel camlock quick coupling



    Quick coupling will be divided into: type A B C D E F type DC DP type 8 models, including type A, E, F, DP four male head and type B,
    C, D, DC four female head.
    Conventional material such as manufacturing materials: 304 of 316 aluminum alloy.Other materials can also be batch processing.
    Nominal diameter: DN15 – DN150mm
    Nominal pressure: 16-64 kg
    Applicable temperature: – 20 ~ 150 ℃
    Applicable medium: water, oil, gas and some corrosive liquid.
    Scope of application: industrial, chemical, liquefied petroleum gas, transport manufacturing equipment, etc.
    Coupling mode: thread, welding, flange, quick, fantasy, etc.
    Quick connector is usually in whole set product, also can according to need a single purchase.
    Stainless steel camlock quick coupling Type A: card in the female head of the joint on one side, one side is the internal thread connecting wire mouth;

    B: one side is with two card male head grooves and one side is the external thread connection wire mouth;


    C: is a variable with two card male head grooves and one side is a bamboo-like hose connection;


    D: one side is with two card male head grooves and one side is a female connection wire mouth;


    E: one side is stuck in the mother, head of the joint on one side is with bamboo-like hose connection;




    F: a variable is stuck on the head of the joint, one side is with external thread connection wire mouth ‘


    DC: with two ears can card into male head round plug;



    DP model: is a circular plug, also called the quick plug.


    Stainless steel quick connector features:

    1, save time and effort: connect oil and broken through the quick joint, the action is simple, save time and manpower.

    2, fuel-efficient: broken oil, quick connector on the single valve can be closed oil, the oil will not flow out, avoid the oil hydraulic losses.

    3, environmental protection, quick joint fracture and connection, the oil will not leak and the protection of the environment.

    4, equipment, unique design, convenient transport, large equipment or need portable hydraulic tools, use the quick joint transportation after splitting, the destination after the put to use.

    5, economy: the above all sorts of advantages are created economic value for the customer.

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