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    stainless steel equal wye pipe fittings press fit elbow

    stainless steel equal wye pipe fittings press fit elbow
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    Products Description

    stainless steel equal wye pipe fittings press fit elbow

    stainless steel equal wye pipe fittings press fit elbow,

    they have some types,for example :reducer,female male thread npt,profile M/V ,

    main apply to change the pipeline direction,convenient installation,


    90 degree elbow DN20 sanitary plumbing GBI GBII DVGW

    (1) the connection is secure
    Double extruded pipe fittings are high in strength and vibration resistance.Do the “dead” part of the connection
    “And avoid” live joints.”
    The possibility of loose, such as a home
    Movement, water hammer vibration, pipe resonance, the pipe connection of the earthquake is loose.

    Inox sanitary pipe press fit shower fittings elbow

    elbow with female threaded

    (2) quick construction
    Avoid field welding and thread work.The on-site welding or the construction of the pipe fittings, the high leakage rate,

    the pollution environment and the risk of leakage accident.It is extremely convenient to install the extruded tube parts,

    and the installation time is only one third of the welding pipe and tube fittings
    Left and right, so shortened
    During the period, the cost was reduced, the leakage was avoided, and the accident risk was reduced.
    (3) the appearance is beautiful and generous
    Thin-walled stainless steel tube is the use of hot rolled steel plate (with) or hot rolled stainless steel slitting steel strip after rolling,

    rolling, welding, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, the advantages of light weight, suitable for city gas delivery,

    especially suitable for the cosmetic requirements higher, high-grade residential use.

    90 45 elbow tap stainless steel fittings press fit type
    (4) the strength of the material performance is good the strength of the

    thin wall stainless steel pipe material properties including tensile strength limit,

    yield limit, elongation etc. Several parameters are relatively high.The tensile strength
    The limit is usually 335 ~ 565 Mpa, and the yield limit is usually zero
    205 -480Mpa, which is able to meet the demand for gas.

    screw fix plumbing fittings bent tap connector Elbow
    (5)The corrosion resistance of the material is good
    The city USES gas generally to be purified gas, can not consider the inner wall corrosion of the pipe.

    The indoor gas pipeline has long been exposed to the atmosphere and should be tested
    The corrosion resistance of the outer wall of the tube;Especially in large cities in the atmosphere,

    more attention should be paid to this performance.The corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe material is well known.

    Inox sanitary plumbling toilet Press connect fittings elbow
    (6) is a maintenance free, free updates, good economic performance because of the thin wall stainless steel pipe corrosion resistance,

    beautiful appearance, the use of the building during the period, almost no need for

    thin-walled stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings for updating and maintenance,

    saving the cost of the environment update, loss of property loss and service basic tends to zero

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