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    stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee

    stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee
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    Products Description

    stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee

    stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee, for the silicasol precision casting stainless steel
    threaded pipe fittings, when fluid delivery pipeline system or pressure transmission,
    this product can not only change the direction of fluid conveying direction or change of stress transfer,
    and also can make the fluid pressure shunt or confluence and two-way transfer;It also has the ability to
    make three pipe components or equipment and pipelines to be perpendicular and coaxial on the axis.
    2 inch stainless steel pipe fittings female threaded npt tee
    150LB stainless steel threaded Tee
    Material High quality stainless steel AISI 304,316,304L,316L.
    Size 1/8”,1/4”,3/8”,1/2”,3/4”,1”,1-1/4”,1-1/2”,2”,2-1/2”,3”,4”.
    Standard ANSI,DIN,JIS,BS,ISO
    connection type  thread
    Pressure 150lb
    Technology Investment casting.
    Packing Pcs/carton ,cartons/pallet or according to your requirement
    Certification ISO9001:2008
    Process CNC lathe
    Application They are widely used as linkages of pipes for the transportation of water ,oil, gas and every kind of corrosive suitable for stainless steel.
    Delivery time Within 30-45 days after receipt of advance payment.
    Payment term 1)30% T/T down payment, the balance paid before shipment.


    3)Western Union


    Note We can change the design as per the client’s requirement.
    We can manufacture 150lbs stainless steel thread fittings, 1000 PSI ball valves , and water tap/beer faucet for your choice.
    2 inch stainless steel pipe fittings female threaded npt tee
    150LB 304 S.S Threaded Hose Nipple
    Shape: Couple (Female x Female x Female )
    Max Pressure:150 PSI
    Material: 304 Stainless steel
    Measurement: 1/2″
    Other size is available too,please check it in our store
    elbow 316 304 150LB stainless steel
     stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee installtion:

    Pre-installed: before installation, the product as a free piece, first installed pipe component with pre-installed,

    methods for installation, use this product to be installed first hand twist inspection of the pipeline system parts,

    such as easily turned into 1/4 length of thread, without feeling too much resistance, prove that thread right;

    On the other hand, there might be three cases, one of which is the wrong type of thread;

    150LB threaded s.s pipe fitting hex plug

    The second is that there are foreign objects on the thread;Three is the wrong operation when the hand is twisted.

    To inspect the first two types of pipes, if any problem is replaced immediately;In the third case, re-check.

    Seal: this product is not recommended hard seal installation, suggest one of two kinds of seal type,

    one is seal oil seal, before installation, will be installed outside the thread, apply evenly with seal oil, screw groove with a certain,

    avoid leakage caused by uneven clearance;Second, raw tape sealing, before installation, foreign thread with raw tape winding,

    winding circle number according to the condition of pre-installed, pre-installed, think cooperate loose thread,

    can be wrapped around a circle, in general, with 4 ~ 6 circle advisable.

    stainless steel an fitting female threaded pipe connectors tee

    150LB stainless steel threaded Tee

    Installation: when sealed well, for installation, will the internal and external thread tighten by hand,

    and on axis rotation must protect grain was, thread has a light touch, after being hand tighten, another box spanner,

    secondary to tighten, twist, depends on the size of box spanner lever, when the lever is very big,

    people have the energy and takes no account of the state, and remember don’t too tight, too tight will damage the pipe,

    and even cause pipe cracking and leaking.

    british pipe thread 4 inch to 2 inch fittings dimensions tee

    Because of this product is stainless steel products, appearance beautiful,

    use tongs when installation, such as using steel teeth pipe wrench to pipe mouth with a cloth, avoid damage pipe appearance.

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