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    Stainless steel pipe coupling type


    Stainless steel pipe coupling type

    Stainless steel pipe coupling has two types from making method: Steel pipe cutted and investment casting.

    1.Pipe cutted keeps good mechanical structure than investment casted. Because pipe and casting is two different craft. Pipe made by stainless steel rod,the whole making process do not have big changes of physical characters.it keeps steady.

    Investment casting pass the pouring, pouring temperature,speed,chemical contents are factors which effected to parts quality. During pouring,has leakage or bubble on surface,so PASS PERCENT is less than pipe.But investment casting has over than hundred years experience,so human can control the process accurately.

    2.From application needs, pipe coupling has half pipe couplings,full coupling with full threads and full coupling with full thread type. Adopt for different usage.

    3.From shape, pipe coupling have straight type and reducing type ,used to connect different male threaded pipes or fittings.

    All types of pipe couplings can make DIN,PS,BSPT,NPT threads or any other special thread needs.


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