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    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple

    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple
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    Products Description

    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple

    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple

    Commonly used pipe thread is divided into two kinds: one kind is 55 ° wyeth pipe thread, common in Europe

    Used, and has been adopted by ISO.

    In our country in 1987, the equivalent using ISO7/1-1982 formulate and publish the 55 ° pipe thread national standards, has been revised as “55 ° sealing pipe thread”

    (GB/T7306.1-7306.2-2000) and “55 ° the sealing pipe thread” (GB/T7307-2001).One kind is invented by the 60 ° brinell pipe thread,  

    which is widely used in the United States such as North America, our country in 1991, the equivalent by the relevant national standards formulated

    and issued 60 ° sealing pipe thread national standards, has been revised for the 60 ° sealing pipe thread (GB/T12716-2002),

    but there is no release 60 ° the sealing pipe thread related national standards.The metric taper thread was formulated and released in 1978 according

    to the relevant national standards of the Soviet union, and has been revised to be “metric tapered thread” (GB/t1415-1992).

    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple

    At present, there are corresponding 55 ° pipe thread, ISO standards, and 60 ° pipe thread, there is no relevant ISO standard, only the English

    standard of the American association of engineers, the inch thread standard is according to these standards, technical and the equivalent standard.

    At present, China’s 55 ° pipe thread, 60 ° sealing pipe thread, taper thread and pipe screwing in using common thread for countries

    Standard, and corresponding ISO standards,

    stainless steel pipe threaded male barrel nipple

    Foreign related standards should be used to avoid the mixing of different types of threads.

    Characteristics of pipe threads

    Pipe thread is used for connecting pipe threads.There are some differences between the pipe wall thickness and the sealing requirement.In addition,

    the pipe thread specification series is one to one, which is that the specifications of the pipe threads are not labeled as arbitrary marks.

    According to the connecting thread, the thread is sealed, and the pipe thread is divided into: sealing pipe thread and non-sealing pipe thread.

    There are differences between the two types, such as the tooth type, the arc of the tooth, the tolerance, and the form of thread.

    55 ° 55 ° the sealing pipe thread sealing pipe thread, and 60 ° pipe thread sealing pipe thread, such as 3 inch pipe thread, applicable to the pipe,

    valve, pipe joint and plug and other pipeline fittings threaded connection.

    The common thread is used for the metric taper thread and pipe, and the application is simple and not highlighted.

    USES, features and marks of various pipe threads

    3.155 ° sealing pipe thread (GB/T7306.1-7306.2-2000) 3.1.1 purposes

    Sealing pipe threads, no filler or sealing material can prevent leakage, suitable for pipe,

    Threaded connections of pipe joints, cocks, valves and other piping accessories, due to internal and external threaded connections

    There are two different types: (1) cylindrical internal threads and cone external threads (GB/t7306.1-2000, pressure under 0.5mpa)

    (2) tapered internal thread and cone external screw (GB/t306.2-2000 is usually used only for high temperature and high pressure).

    3.1.2 features

    The inch thread wyeth, tooth type Angle is 55 °, it made highly tapered thread of 0.159955 P, straight thread of 0.160082 P (P for pitch),

    1:16 taper thread taper, teeth fine and shallow, avoid excessive weaken wall, no clearance between inner diameter and cut into the dome,

    in order to combine closely.

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