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    stainless steel press fittings tee

    stainless steel press fittings tee
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    stainless steel press fittings tee

    Stainless steel materials have high anti corrosion features ,good sanitations, stainless steel press fittings is the best choice on direct drink line medical treatment, gas and fuel gas transmissions.
    equal tee stainless steel fittings press fit type
    ‘using are trends under rapid economic development situation. Stainless steel press fittings elbow ,cap ,tee, reducers are widely used in various civil architectures. In developed countries, like USA,EUROPE AND JAPAN, stainless steel pipes are used in main water, gas lines ,also high quality constructions chooses install one time in life and free maintenance lifelong, .

    stainless steel press fittings tee standards
    Material:SUS304 SUS316LSU316

    GB/T 12771-2008  《Liquid flow transmitting stainless steel weld pipes》
    GB/T 29038-2012  《Thin wall stainless steel pipe technical manual》
    YB/T 4204-2009   《Stainless steel welded pipes for water supply》

    stainless steel press fittings tee standards
    GB/T 19228.1-2011 《Stainless steel press fittings》
    GB/T 19228.2-2011 《Stainless steel press fittings connects uses thin wall pipes》
    GB/T 19228.3-2012 《Stainless steel press fittings O ring seals》

    Design and installation standards
    10S407-2   《Construction water supply pipeline installation-thin wall stainless steel pipes》
    GB50015-2010 《Design standards of construction supply and drainage》
    GB50242-2012 《construction supply and drainageand heating engineering quality inspect specifications》
    CJJ94-2009  《Town gas projects engineering construction and quality inspect specifications》

    Features of stainless steel press fittings tee:
    1. Stainless steel strength extension≥520Mpa;
    2. Data of anti-corrosions:
    a.No rust in water and air;
    b. During PH rate of 1-2.5sulfuric acid or iron sulfate’s corrosion speed ≤0.2mm/10 years;
    3. Small thermal expansion figure
    4. Good health
    5 Using life 70 years, free maintenance, free replacement. Economic products.
    6. 100% environmental products , recovery rate 100%.

    Stainless steel press fittings tee:

    Application:Inox sanitary plumbling toilet Press connect fittings
    The norminal diameters are: DN15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80 and DN100, including GB 1 and GB 2.
    GB 1 series is same size as EN10312, out diameters are: 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.
    GB 2 series is same size as JIS G 3448, out diameters are: 15.88, 22.22, 28.58, 34.00, 42.7, 48.6, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm.

    Press fit fittings treeSealing ring material:
    Option 1. CIIR(Chlorinated butyl rubber): Sanitary for human consumption, not oil resistant. Suitable for drinking water, tap water, hot and cold water, sanitary air.
    Option 2. EPDM(Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer) : Sanitary for human consumer, not oil resistant. Suitable for drinking water, tap water, hot and cold water, sanitary air and compressed gas.
    Option 3: FKM(Fluororubber): It is both oil proof and sanitary. suitable for edible oil, compressed air. But a little more expensive than CIIR, EPDM and NBR.

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