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    Top 5 to choose a reliable supplier of stainless steel pipe fittings.

    • 0 worries after placing the order
    • Makes your purchase happy and smooth


    • Real exist supplier


    In foreign business, please find the verified supplier. thus can guarantee that you get materials after payment. There are some bad faith companies who cheat customers’ advance payment, when customers wants materials, then cannot find the company again. Nowadays, integrity is so important in foreign business, Shean remind you to find correct suppliers,not focus on only price, lower price keeps same risks in future.

    Due to long distance between countries, so should get help from friends who is in China to make a visual visit to the supplier. Or if you are a long experienced person, you can get feeling of truth by yourself.

    Shean met many customers who gets help from us for such troubles in past years.


    • Remit back the payment if goods unqualified or produce new ones.


    We wrote this, because we met our customers problem when they do business with a Chinese. The boss in China promised to pay back goods value because products has problem. But after promise ,no news again about turn back money. Customer contacted Shean to ask about this matter to help solve off.

    Shean understand business is based on good faith. Shean executes promises to customers and wins good reputation from customers.

    • Real understand customers’ needs ,to provide super convenience.


    1.How to treat customers several turns confirmation to the drawing ?

    First, supplier need to know that because customer cannot sure that you are 100% understand about the requirement,so we need to move the worries and give customer confidence with calm, not boring.

    1. Treat to customers’ photo monitor of production.

    Customer hopes to reduce future troubles, we understand and accept the requirement.

    1. Meet busy production, customers’ materials need to be delayed due to small quantities or shall combined to produce with other order. Speaks to customer, but customer is also under a critical situation that need goods in urgent basic. Supplier shall consider for customer, even though with high cost, but to finish the production quickly to give convenience to customer.
    • Full special knowledge of products


    Full knowledge of products is element to service a customer. With correct sentence and correct knowledge and reply to customers in short time can creat the chance of cooperation.

    Shean consists to train all persons for updating skills and characters.

    • Tidy quotation list and complete information


    A quotation list will show attitude of a supplier. A complete quotation list with clear items and conditions can leave good first impression to a customer. Shean do so and keep improvement to reach the best.


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